About Us

About Us

Taste and Health

Bharat Food Product takes pride in its offering of awesome snacks, purified water with unmatched taste and unthinkable care of health. Being a spicy snack manufacturer company in India, it’s not easy to always maintain a standard but we have accomplished that challenge.

A Brief History

Bharat Food Product started its journey back in the year of 1992 by Mr. Asim Pal, and now the company is the quick solution of your short hunger and thirst.

Top Products

Bharat Food Product manufactures Muri, Chanachur, Badam, Daal, Water, and other spicy, delicious food products that have the ability to make your evening remarkable. The chanachur manufacturer in India comprises the snacks that are filled with fresh shreds of potatoes, figer-licking Indian spices, healthy nuts, pulses and much more. So, get ready to order Bharat Muri, Bharat Chanachur, Bharat Neer (The water product of Bharat Food Product), Bharat Daal and many other awesome snacks and beverages to satisfy your taste.